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Portable solar panels: Green products that can charge cellphones, heat water in remote areas



What are Portable Solar Panels?
Portable solar panels are small sized solar panels that are easy to install and that can be carried anywhere. Just like a typical solar panel, they convert sunlight into electricity or heat. They contain an assembly of photovoltaic cells. Each panel is divided into smaller cells, where a cell is made up of thin layers of silicon. They vary in size but even the biggest portable solar panel can be carried inside a car.

They can provide up to 320W of power based on their size. Usually, portable solar panels come with a kit that includes additional tools like a stand, cable, storage case, solar charge controller, inverter and a battery. It should be used with a battery and an inverter to power appliances when the user is off-grid. By the virtue of being portable, it is used to power devices on the move.

How portable solar panels work?

The photovoltaic cells in a portable solar panel contain various layers of silicon. When the rays of the sun hit the panel, photons are released which create an electric field between these layers of silicon in each cell. Metallic strips are attached to the panel to channelize this electric field and send it to the battery or grid on the basis of the system. A charge controller is connected to regulate the power output while a battery and inverter may also be connected to store the generated power until the time it is required.

Features of portable solar panels

  • Generally, portable solar panels come with a waterproof kit. So, they can be used in adverse weather conditions.
  • These are green products as they generate energy without using fossil fuels and other exhaustible sources of energy.
  • Unlike generators, they are noise-free.
  • They provide a consistent and reliable source of energy by harnessing the power of the sun.
  • Portable solar panels serve as a boon for frequent travellers. These solar panels can be carried along and power devices on the move. Furthermore, portable solar panels can also be used in a small home to power basic appliances.
  • Portable solar panels can charge laptops.
  • A mini 45 W portable solar panel can charge cell phones, music player, iPad, tablet and other devices during travel.
  • Portable solar panels can be used to heat water in remote areas.
  • They can be used as a source of power at campsites.
  • A 160 W portable solar panel can power systems/appliances inside an RV.