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Yacht-like camper rethinks the teardrop trailer




There’s a lot to love about the classic teardrop trailer. From its swooping lines to its compact shape, the teardrop is a lightweight, often affordable option for anyone sick of camping on the ground. More and more, however, innovative companies are rethinking what the teardrop could look like, creating modern designs that showcase the future of RVsLove campers and trailers? Come join our new community group.

The latest to cross our desk is this new version from French startup Carapate Adventure. As first reported in New Atlas, the Carapate rounds out the teardrop shape into a trapezoid—a bit like this modern polygonized teardrop we’ve reported on in the past. It also has a yacht-like feel thanks to its wood, white, and navy coloring, and while some may not see the teardrop influence, the company says that’s what inspired the Carapate.

The 10.5-foot trailer is built from marine-grade plywood with a lift-gate side entry that opens up to take advantage of views. There are also large windows on three sides of the trailer that are outfitted with coverings for privacy and night time darkness. The trailer can sleep two adults thanks to three single-sized mattresses measuring 55 by 25 inches that stack into an L-shaped sofa during the day, and a kit is available for a third child to sleep next to the front window.

The front window also has built-in storage and a platform that hides a kitchen area that can be used inside or be pulled out to the exterior. The galley includes a single-burner stove, sink, and a slide-out cutting board. Other upgrade amenities include LED lighting, USB ports, solar panels, and an electric fridge box.

The trailer is also lightweight, clocking in at 990 pounds. Lightweight campers are considered any trailer that is less than 2,000 pounds—like these five you can buy right now—but it can be hard to fit all the basics in campers under 1,000 pounds. Still, there’s a growing market for ultra-lightweight campers, because anything under 1,000 pounds can often be towed by almost any car (disclaimer: please always check the towing restrictions of your personal vehicle).

The Carapate is currently only available in Europe and is priced between €14,000 and €18,000 depending on what features you choose. And while some readers may bemoan the fact that the camper can’t be purchased stateside, there has been a growing trend of European campers and design making its way to North America. It’s also great to see new takes on camper design from anywhere in the world.

The side-lift door features a large window and door knob.
Inside, small cubbies continue the nautical influence and an L-shaped sofa provides seating.
The mattresses combine to form a large sleeping area for two.
The front window contains a compact kitchen that can be used inside or out.
Plenty of storage for clothes and gear.