Why The Solar Energy Market Will Thrive In Africa And Globally – Lou Kraft, SolSuntech CEO – MICRO SOLAR ENERGY
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Why The Solar Energy Market Will Thrive In Africa And Globally – Lou Kraft, SolSuntech CEO

Why The Solar Energy Market Will Thrive In Africa And Globally – Lou Kraft, SolSuntech CEO



Lou Kraft is the CEO of SolSuntechInc. – a solar panel manufacturing company that recently introduced 3D solar panels producing an ultra-high 33% efficiency. Currently, no other solar panel on the market is capable of achieving such levels of performance. Mr. Kraft’s next step is to make this innovative technology available to African and global markets.

With multiple factors, two of the more widespread being the continual declining cost of solar manufacturing and various legislations aimed at reducing carbon footprint,  the renewable energy market continues to thrive on a global scale. SolSuntech’s primary target markets are the fast growing cities and those overpopulated within Africa, Asia, the United States and Europe, and other developed and emerging markets where installation space is constrained.

I recently caught up with Mr. Kraft to briefly discuss his new technology and how it best benefits his company’s contribution to the emerging solar energy market.

Lou, your company has created an innovative technology that significantly modifies current installation and system sizing to achieve the most dollars of energy generated per square foot for anyone wanting solar energy. Can you tell us more about your technology?

Thank you for asking, absolutely! In general, manufacturers of solar cells produce flat plane panels.. Their disadvantage is that their energy efficiency is limited to approximately 17-19%. There is a higher grade of solar panel known as “ Tier 1”  which are classified as a high efficiency panels and sell at a premium price. These panels currently produce 21- 22%.  Our panel produces a consistent 33% ,which is  approximately 50% higher output than Tier 1 units and nominally 100% higher than common units of the non-Tier 1 class..

The 3D technology we work with has been attempted, but little to no success was achieved to actually make it work. Our R&D center engineers spent years of trial and error and were finally  able to invent and use a special cutting technology that allows a silicon wafer to be sliced in a specific manner without fracturing it. The result of this process is the integrity of  the corrugated cell is not damaged and is considered manufacturing material wise solid. With the puzzle solved the company has engineered and implemented these unique machines and these are the art of the cutting process that produces the 3 dimensional cell. We believe that our product is the only one that exists today that is solid enough to put to the manufacturing process in a production for volume type facility and continually deliver 33% efficiency and still provide a competitive warranty.