Renogy Firefly All In One Portable Solar Kit – 20 Watt 16 Ah

The Renogy Firefly is specifically designed for mobile, off-grid applications, and is ideal for emergencies. This compact, portable back-up system combines 2 highly efficient Renogy 10W solar panels, one built-in 10A charge controller, one 150W power inverter, and one 16Ah lithium polymer battery in a robust case creating a simple plug-and-play system.

Ease of Use: Straightforward LCD display with information on battery capacity, errors, and DC/AC load on/off. AC and DC output buttons allow for easy switching between the two output modes
Versatile: Various outputs for different devices. It can charge any USB or AC appliance under 150W
Portable: Compact case with a carrying handle. Designed for mobile, off-grid applications
Emergency: Provides up to 175Wh of energy and includes a 3W LED flashlight on the side with two modes, lighting and SOS
Charging: Solar + Regular AC power: 110VAC input, 2-pin inlet
AC output: One 110V 60Hz 120W continuous outlet
DC output: Two 5.5mm, 12V, 5A DC coaxial port
One 12V 8A cigarette socket
Two 5V 2A USB output
1-year manufacturer material warranty


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