Max 1800 Watt Solar Generator with 1060 Watts of Solar Power for Home and Off-Grid Back Up Power

For those who want MAXIMUM solar power to recharge up the PowerHub 1800, this is your kit!Power your energy star fridge, freezer, lights, electronics and other home appliances during blackouts and emergencies and restore the standard of living for you and your family with the Earthtech Products Max 1800 Generator Kit with 4 265 Watt Solar Panels for Homes, Cabins and Remote Locations, a solar power generator system that utilizes both plug-and-play and electrical hard wiring capabilities.

Family will feel more secure and relieved during power outages and emergencies with the supplemental power this solar backup generator will provide.
This economical alternative to gas powered generators is both silent and free of fumes.
Battery boxes store 400 amp-hours of backup battery power to charge and run your essential appliances and electronics.
When the included 4 solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight, this solar power system for residential homes can be recharged in as little as 6 hours (2 times quicker than the Ultimate kit).
For your convenience, this solar power backup generator has multiple recharging options, including through the solar panels and a standard wall outlet.
When the 4 included solar panels are exposed to direct sunlight, this solar generator for homes can run up to 80 amps continuously during the day.
Can power multiple devices simultaneously through the 4 AC outlets in the PowerHub inverter charging system.
The full-feature LED display demonstrates live system monitoring so that you always know how much power reserve is left in the batteries, allowing you to plan accordingly.
Electrician Recommended.

Shipping notes: This item will take approximately 7 Business Days for delivery from time of order.

This Product May Be Eligible For A 30% Tax Credit.
Visit to view your specific state’s rebate program(s).

Always be prepared with backup electrical power during emergencies, power outages and blackouts with the Earthtech Products Max 1800 Generator Kit with 4 265 Watt Solar Panels for Homes, Cabins and Remote Locations. This solar panel system with battery backup and an 1800 watt inverter can charge and run up to 1800 Watts at a time. The four included solar panels can collect up to 1,040 Watts, or 80 Amps, of power per hour, and which is then transferred into the four – 100Ah batteries. These batteries will then power your devices through the PowerHub inverter charging station. As opposed to gas generators that need fuel refills, emit fumes and are noisy, this solar power system for residential homes and cabins is silent, does not emit fumes and is virtually maintenance free.

The Earthtech Products Max 1800 Watt Solar Generator Kit can power a multitude of devices including:

Home Backup Power – Individual Run Times Are Approximate:
Energy Star Fridge up to 10 Amps per hour – Continuous
Energy Star Mini-Fridge – Continuous
Energy Star Freezer 8.8 Cubic Feet – Continuous
Sump pump 1/2 Horsepower – Up to 8 Hours
Home Alarm System – Continuous
1000 Watt Microwave – Up to 480 minutes (or 8 hours) of use per day
Garage Door Opener – 10 Hours
Portable Cooler – Up to 80 Hours
Blender – 12-18 Hours

Emergency Power – Individual Run Times Are Approximate:
13″ CRT TV – Continuous
20″ LCD TV – Continuous
20″ Flat Screen TV – Continuous
46″ Flat Screen TV – Continuous
Laptop – 40-44 Hours
Clock Radio – Continuous
Window Air Conditioner (10,000 BTU) – Up to 6 hours of continuous use (during the day).
Portable Fan – Continuous
Cordless Phone – Continuous
Table light 40 W – Continuous
Table light 60 W – Continuous

**Please Note** The above calculations are based upon the individual items operating alone.
Please consult with electrician or local building department if a DC Disconnect is needed with your installation. Buy Now!

No Payments + No Interest if paid within 6 months!

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